Why Cool Cat?

For the last twenty- three years I was the CEO of a highly effective business process automation firm in the managed care arena.  Although I had by all accounts a very successful run, I still felt that there was more that needs to be done for the industry that serves injured workers and others needing access to care. 

To execute on my vision, and to maintain the highest level of objectivity and independence, the best approach was for me to launch Cool Cat Technologies.  

At Cool Cat we work closely with our portfolio companies and industry leaders to guide and build the companies that will shape the future of healthcare.

Cool Cat draws upon our collective experience to provide the critical insights, relationships, and expertise necessary for emerging companies to refine product-market fit and execute successful go-to-market strategies. 

The result is a meaningful inflection in the growth trajectory of our portfolio companies.

We focus on the managed care space working with providers, payers, administrators, brokers, investors, and reinsurers. We have experience and knowledge in most sectors of the industry and are always driving innovation and increased efficiency.


To drive innovation by partnering with healthcare leaders in order to scale and monetize emerging value-added healthcare businesses. We do this by leveraging our industry expertise to maximize shareholder value for our clients.